Rosso applauds EHP leaders

Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso, on Thursday was the guest speaker at the launch of the Kainantu District Five Year Development Plan at the Kainantu township, Eastern Highlands Province.

DPM Rosso was accompanied by Eastern Highlands Governor, Simon Sia, and local MPs William Hagahuno – Kainantu MP, Saki Soloma – Okapa MP, John Boito – Obura-Wonenara MP, Robert Atiyafa – Henganofi MP, Ekime Gorosahu – Daulo MP and Kinoka Hotune Feo, Unggai-Bena MP.

Coinciding with PNG’s 48th Independence celebrations, the sleepy town of Kainantu came alive with traditional singsing groups, students’ march and a local police parade.

DPM Rosso, when launching the five-year development plan, thanked the local MP and the Kainantu elites who assisted the Kainantu MP in putting it together.

DPM Rosso added that the Marape-Rosso government is committed to ensuring the development agenda for the district is captured under the National Development Goals and Medium Term Development Goals of the nation.

“I commend the unity and astute leadership shown by the MPs of Eastern Highlands regardless of political affiliations to stand and work together for the common good of Kainantu and the province as a whole.”

DPM Rosso also urged the people to work in partnership with the leaders to ensure services are delivered.

“It is the government's role to build better classrooms, health facilities, roads etc. and it is the people’s responsibility to look after these services for the benefit of our children and everyone.”

Based on recent developments in Lae District in the last five years, DPM Rosso emphasised on good management, transparency and accountability in the disbursement and use of public funds.

“We must embrace leaders that are visionary and have a dream to improve the livelihoods of our people and Eastern Highlands has a crop of leaders that have their hearts in the right place.”

The five-year plan was the first to be drafted in over a decade for Kainantu and captured the dreams and aspirations of the district, including its LLGs of Kamane 1, Kamane 2, Agarabe and Kainantu Urban. 

Meantime, Kainantu district also launched its new fleet of machinery that will enable roadworks and construction in the district and the township.

Obura-Wonenara MP, John Boito, presented a new police vehicle to the Kainantu police to help in addressing law and order in Kainantu, Yonki and the neighbouring districts.

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