Retired Public Servants Paid

The Department of Personnel Management (DPM) has confirmed that K86.5 million has been paid to retiring public servants this year.

On Thursday 23 December at a farewell reception for six outgoing staff for the Department of PM & NEC, Secretary for DPM, Taies Sansan revealed that the government funding for this year’s retirees totaled K86.5m.

She said the funds were paid in batches of four for 1343 public servants. The fourth and the last batch of retirees will be paid out on Pay 1 of 2022.

 “This is another achievement for this government in terms of ensuring that normal exit of public servants is being honoured. I thank the government for its continued commitment where K200m has been allocated in 2022 budget to payout the next lot of retirees,” she said

Ms Sansan thanked the six PM & NEC retirees for their services and loyalty to the state and encouraged them to use their well-earned entitlements properly with their families. Adding that life outside of the public service will be challenging if they are not prepared while still in the service.

The Secretary challenged new recruits entering the public service to be prepared from the start of their public service life to the time of their exit by indulging in a savings culture.

“The public service is a good place to be where the government is the largest employer so let’s give back through our service to the state and be honest in the way we deal with government business. Let us be responsible public servants.”

Secretary Sansan acknowledged the Prime Minister, James Marape for his continued commitment to the retirement exercise and the Public Service Minister, Joe Sungi for his ministerial support to the department on the vital policy initiative.

PM & NEC Secretary, Ivan Pomaleu was also commended for his leadership to the public service machinery at the bureaucratic level.

Carol Kidu