Residents urged to be responsible buai chewers

The Member for Moresby North-East and Minister for Housing and Urban Development has called on city residents to be responsible buai chewers as the APEC leaders meeting is just two months away.

Minister John Kaupa was not happy to see particularly the new roads, built by the Chinese railway construction company, being defaced by betelnut chewers.

“Our National Capital District Commission has spent a lot of taxpayer money to clean our city using physical labour as a means of creating employment for our unemployed youths and women, yet our own city residents have no respect for the city by continuously spitting the red stain on the streets and along the new roads.

“This is disrespectful and I call on every buai chewer to mind your rubbish.”

Kaupa said there was initially a total buai ban in the city, but due to hardships faced by residents and suppliers from Gulf and Central Province, a new buai market was built at Eight-Mile.

“However, the attitude of the people have not changed as yet.”

Kaupa said the market at Eight-Mile serves as a one-stop shop for people in Central and Gulf to come and sell their buai. The city residents then buy from them in small quantity for consumption.

“We have also received reports of some traders in police disguise, hijacking transport ferrying betelnut into the city," he said. 

“The betelnut is then taken to residents at Gerehu and other locations through illegal arrangement.

“This must stop! Follow the established market currently open at Eight-Mile.”

Kaupa reminded residents that control measures had to be implemented after the uncontrolled betelnut waste and spittle.

“But we must also be reminded that there are a lot of business opportunities for our people to participate and benefit from in the city. Betelnut is not the only means of survival.

“I am appealing to all drivers and people in moving vehicles to have respect for our city and stop the insane habit of spitting the red betelnut stain onto the newly constructed roads.

“As our APEC meeting is currently progressing towards the hosting of world leaders in November, we must continue to unite in showcasing our rich cultural heritage while we keep maintaining the cleanliness of our city.”

Press release