Minister for Housing and Urban Development

Residents urged to be responsible buai chewers

Minister John Kaupa was not happy to see particularly the new roads, built by the Chinese railway construction company, being defaced by betelnut chewers.

“Our National Capital District Commission has spent a lot of taxpayer money to clean our city using physical labour as a means of creating employment for our unemployed youths and women, yet our own city residents have no respect for the city by continuously spitting the red stain on the streets and along the new roads.

“This is disrespectful and I call on every buai chewer to mind your rubbish.”

Nine-Mile settlement gets land titles

Member for Moresby North-East and Minister for Housing and Urban Development, John Kaupa, announced this during the launch of the Nine-Mile ridge community service association last Friday.

Minister Kaupa said he has submitted more than 30 applications to the Lands Department, working in line with the Urbanisation and NCDC technical teams to obtain the title.