Relief for Morobe’s flood victims

Medicine, food and kitchen utensils will be delivered today to aid the flood victims of Morobe Rural Local Level Government in the Huon Gulf district.

Houses and schools were submerged on Saturday, May 18th, following a heavy downpour the following night.

The Huon Gulf District Development Authority sent a team to conduct a preliminary assessment in response to this.

Huon Gulf District Administrator, Andrew Namuesh, confirmed that the Wara Waria flood disaster assessment team successfully coordinated the procurement of essential food rations and basic tools, which are slated for delivery this weekend.

In addition to the food and tools, a medical team equipped with necessary supplies will also accompany the relief team.

“The rapid action taken by the DDA underscores our commitment to the wellbeing and recovery of our communities,” said local MP, Jason Peter.

“We have prioritised the procurement and delivery of these essential supplies to ensure that our people receive the support they need as quickly as possible.”

The relief package includes:

  • Food rations; Non-perishable items such as rice, canned goods and noodles
  • Basic Tools; Saws, hammers and nails to assist in the rebuilding of homes and infrastructure damaged by the floods
  • Medical supplies and services; A dedicated medical team with essential supplies to provide immediate medical care and address health issues arising from the flood.

“Our deepest gratitude goes to all those involved in the relief efforts, from the assessment teams to the volunteers and local leaders,” added Namuesh.

“Together, we will rebuild and restore the affected communities.”

Loop Author