Relief efforts

Restoring vital services after quake

Following an assessment carried out by the Company’s Community Affairs Department, the team identified extensive damages to water supplies, buildings and solar panels.

The restoration exercise is conducted concurrently with the Company’s relief efforts in the communities of Sisibia, Kaipu and Hebaiya and will continue to other villages over the coming weeks.

Stop to donations announced

Minister Marape said although he wholeheartedly appreciates the response from those who have gone out of their way to assist in the little way they can, the relief effort will now go into its second phase – restoration.

In a press conference, Marape said the ‘stop’ is just so the burden is taken off those sincere Papua New Guineans who have given donations in kind and cash.

He said he was greatly touched by the outstanding response and the heartfelt gestures in this time of need.