Ramu 1 Royalties Due

Landowners of the Ramu 1 area, in the Eastern Highlands Province to date, have never received royalties due to the terms of negotiations of the Yonki Dam construction.

Minister for Public Enterprise and State Investment, William Duma said the issue is a legacy issue that in time, will be rectified through review and re-negotiation.

Eastern Highlands Governor, Peter Numu expressed frustration for his people in regards to royalty payments.

He said, “Ever since the establishment of Yonki Dam or Ramu 1, the provincial government and the landowners have not benefitted from any royalties as the natural resource owners. Absolutely zero.”

Governor Numu appealed to the Minister for Public Enterprise and State Investment, William Duma to push for the review of Ramu 1, Yonki Dam project.

Minister Duma responded saying the Yonki Dam project is a legacy issue. He said the terms of the project were initiated before the country gained independence. 

The Minister acknowledged the unfortunate hand that they landowners have been dealt and assured Governor Numu that his people’s concerns will be dealt with in a timely manner.

Duma said, “The landowners of Ramu 1 will not be ignored, there will be some form of review. We just do not have the time to deal with all the issues, particularly the legacy issues but they will be a time and a place for us to deal with them.”

Marysila Kellerton