Prioritise Ivule Bridge: Residents

With the academic year approaching, villagers on either sides of the damaged Ivule Bridge are calling for relevant authorities to fix the infrastructure as soon as possible.

The Ivule Bridge, which connects Bialla town and the provincial capital, Kimbe, was washed away by flood last weekend following continuous rainfall.

Village elder Philip Kawagale said since the first destruction of the bridge in 1985, no permanent bridge was built.

He said their children will be affected as they will not be attending schools in Bialla.

Kawagale also raised concerns that the contractors contracted by the Department of Works to build the bridge are always leaving the villagers out in decision-making.

Meantime, the villagers are using floaters to assist people who want to cross with a fee of K2 each person.

(Residents crossing the Ivule River)

Freddy Mou