PM O’Neill refutes dual citizenship claims

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has brushed aside claims by Madang MP Bryan Kramer on his citizenship.

O’Neill said these are all lies and not true.


“There is yet another fake news story by Kramer claiming that I am an Australian citizen.

“I have never had any other citizenship except PNG by birth,” says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

“I was born in a remote small village called Mamuane near the border of Gulf and SHP.

“I am very proud that my people there took care of me. I don’t need any other citizenship to justify who I am.

“This so-called Facebook leader Kramer is desperately trying to become relevant and shamelessly peddling fake news,” he said.

Madang MP Bryan Kramer posted on social media and claimed that Prime Minister O'Neill is an Australian citizen holding a current Australian passport.

Kramer claimed that PM O’Neill is illegally a Member of Parliament and therefore illegally occupying the office of Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.

However, the Prime Minister has refuted such claims and maintained that he is not an Australian citizen.

Freddy Mou