PM to fix books in contempt applications

Lawyers for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill will be preparing and filing application books that will be used when the court hears contempt applications he filed against the five opposition members.

The applications briefly came before the Supreme Court today and were adjourned to the end of the month.

The application seeking contempt charges were against Sir Mekere Morauta, Patrick Pruaitch, Kerenga Kua, Belden Namah and Bryan Kramer.

It was filed in the two joint appeals that is challenging the National Court’s decision of August 8, which found that the court cannot judicially review the arrest warrant that was issued against the Prime Minister in 2014.

The joint appeals have been heard with a decision pending from a three-man Supreme Court bench.

The contempt applications however remain on foot and are yet to be heard.

The applications essentially seek the court to charge them of contempt of court for allegedly making statements in the media and on the social media site, Facebook.

The statements made were alleged to have discussed the issues that are before the Supreme Court in the appeal that is being determined by the court.

Sally Pokiton