Phase 2 Purari relief mission announced

Preparations for phase two of the Papua LNG Project’s Purari relief mission launched on November 2nd is underway.

TotalEnergies PNG Managing Director, Jean-Marc Noiray, announced on Friday November 17th during a ceremony donating three dinghies to the Gulf provincial authorities.  

In September and October of this year, waterway communities along the Purari were severely affected by floods caused by heavy rains of the season. For almost three weeks after the rains, water levels remained above a meter, flooding low-post houses, food gardens, contaminating drinking water sources, and creating an environment for sicknesses such as fever, malaria, and dengue.

Mr Noiray says he was in the area during the time of the flooding and saw firsthand the amount of damage caused by the flood.

It was through his observation that efforts were made by the Project to mobilize relief supplies, 30 tonnes of food rations and medicines to assist villages in its area of influence. He added that significant effort has been made by the Project together with provincial authorities to ensure fair distribution of these relief supplies.

But it won’t end there. Noiray says, “We have a second phase. We are preparing to bring tools because most of the gardens have washed away and the villagers said that to get tools to help them rehabilitate their gardens. Some of them asked for seeds as well. We’ll see if we can procure something.”

He adds that they are preparing a second barge to move these items. 

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