Petitioner alleges 500 missing names from roll

Four people have been summoned by the National Court to appear in the trial hearing of the election petition that was filed disputing Jimmy Uguro’s election as Usino-Bundi MP.

The Returning Officer for the Usino-Bundi seat, Goi Damud, Madang Provincial Election Manager Peter Yasaro, Ramu Sugar police station commander Patrick Walis and one of his officers have been summoned to appear at the trial.

The 15-day trial will commence February 12 and run through to March 2 at the Madang National Court.

Former MP Anton Francis Yagama filed the petition on grounds of bribery and errors and omission. He is also disputing the 2017 electoral roll used in the election.

He alleges names of some 500 voters were missing from the 2012 electoral roll.                                

Summoned Ramu Sugar police station commander Walis and a female officer are required to produce particular pages of the OB entry book of 28 June 2017, which were allegedly ripped off, at the trial hearing.

The Electoral Commission will be producing copies of the 2012 and 2017 electoral rolls to the petitioner’s lawyer in preparation for trial.

Evidence of video footage and voice recordings will be heard in the trial.

Sally Pokiton