Parkop speaks on journalist’s suspension

Governor of NCD, Powes Parkop, has joined the numerous voices that have risen on the action against veteran journalist Scott Waide.

Waide was suspended for a November 17th bulletin that reportedly was ‘not favourable to EMTV’ and goes against ‘the responsibility to report on all views, with freedom and fairness’.

In a statement, Parkop said: “I personally know Scott Waide and have followed his work and development over the years.

“I have found him to be a passionate, critical, but a very fair journalist. I have seen his recent passion to highlight issues facing our country, including the issue of teachers’ pay or salary and can only see it as responsible journalist taking and highlighting issues which might not get attention without such courage and coverage.

“Such passionate professional should be encouraged and not suppressed or limited.

“I have been advised by CEO of EMTV that they will not make a statement at this time. Kumul Telikom Holdings Board will release a statement today as I am advised.

“I hope this matter is resolved soon, so any infringement on freedom of press is not allowed to stand.

“I support fully freedom of the press. We also are entitled to and should also demand a responsible media.”

(Filepic: Governor of NCD, Powes Parkop)

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