Parkop slams GST decision

NCD Governor Powes Parkop has lashed out at IRC Commissioner General, Sam Koim at the decision made to distribute NCD GST collection and distribute to Central, Gulf and Motu Koita Assembly.

Governor Parkop said the decision by Sam Koim is legally and ethically wrong.

On 22nd of April, Commissioner Koim while announcing the decision said IRC previously allowed NCD to distribute the GST component to the two provinces and Motu Koita, however has been inconsistent resulting in the decision.

“IRC has taken on this responsibility and as of today, remitted the GST components to the provinces and MKA. By law, out of the 60 per cent GST collected and retained by the NCD, the municipal government is to distribute 10 per cent to Central, 3 per cent to Gulf and 2 per cent to the MKA”, said Koim.

However, Governor Parkop slams the decision backed by Member for Moresby-South, Justin Tkatchenko.

“Commissioner General Sam Koim is legally and ethically wrong in making a unilateral decision on his own to separate the GST component to Central, Gulf or Motu Koita,” said Parkop.

Mr Tkatchenko added that the IRC boss is going beyond his powers and making statements and judgements without considering the facts.

Mr Parkop maintained that the NCDC has been faithful in remitting GST funds to the Central Province.

“Since 2007, NCDC has been remitting GST competent totaling K140, 221, 000 to the Central Provincial Government. The Supreme Court found that NCDC has not breached its legal obligation under the Inter-government relations Act and also the NCDC Act.

“We have not breached the law because we have been remitting funds to the Central Provincial Government. We have not failed them.

“If IRC is to apportion any entitlement to Central Province or any other provincials it should not come from the share of the GST that goes to NCD,” Mr Parkop said.

He said the NCDC will be seeking a permanent injunction at the Supreme Court on Friday against the decision made by IRC.

Jemimah Sukbat