Pangu MPs defect to Opposition

Eighteen members of the ruling Pangu Party including the Finance Minister Rainbo Paita joined forces with the opposition last night in preparation for the Vote of No Confidence, expected to be staged in the June sitting of parliament.

Of the 18, five are current ministers in the government.

Led by the Finance Minister and Member for Finschafen, Rainbo Paita, the group said the move was necessary “for the good of the country”.

Governor of West New Britain, Sansindrian Muthuvel who was instrumental in the move said more government MPs are expected to join them later today.

Earlier yesterday, Governor Muthuvel publicly posted his resignation from the government on his Facebook page, triggering the move by the members of the government.

Muthuvel in that post stated that his decision to break ranks was made after compiling views from other members of Pangu Party and coalition partners, most of whom expressed dissatisfaction at the way the nation’s affairs have been managed.

“As you said nothing is secret, every leader within Pangu and other coalition partners have been meeting in the last few days about the need for change in leadership.

“Some leaders even boasting to see you now and advise you after they calculated the numbers, you know well that this is just the beginning and there are processes and procedures to be followed, but this time I join other likeminded leaders and work with them.

“As I believe if our intentions are genuine, then our results will be genuine and we pray and we pray to the providence to guide us in this and let God’s will prevail ultimately for the good of his people,” Muthuvel wrote.

Prime Minister James Marape in receiving the news of the move by the members of his government said he respects the decision of the MPs and state ministers.

“Leaders are elected by their people and they have their rights to associate with leaders of like minds.

“As others moved, I received calls from 41 Pangu MPs, and all our coalition party leaders and members indicating their support.”

Meantime, the alternate government is camping at the Sanctuary Hotel while Pangu is at Loloata.

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