Opposition, Marape camps merge

The Opposition has merged with James Marape’s alternate government.

The announcement was made this morning by the merged group at Laguna Hotel in Port Moresby.

Twenty-four Opposition Members plus the current thirty-three in Marape’s camp brings the total to 57 MPs in the alternate government.

“The team of leaders here who have joined me from the government side, you must give credit to them,” said Marape.

“Really, my big credit goes to the balance of 30 – outside of myself, (William) Powi and (Philip) Undialu and Manasseh (Makiba) – starting from Grand Chief Peter Ipatas down to Minister Davis (Steven), Governor (William) Tongamp, Minister Douglas (Tomuriesa), Minister Sir Puka (Temu), Minister Solan (Mirisim), Minister William Samb and the remnant of Pangu boys.

“On our side we don’t have a prime ministerial nominee. That has never been our intention. We were collecting likeminded leaders to come together.

“When the moment arises the nation would know who, from the collective consensus of this body of leaders.

“Let me say every one of them here is equal to be prime minister.”

Meanwhile, over at Crown Hotel, Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel and a team of Government MPs have been having meetings since this morning. It is anticipated they will address the media later this evening.

Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko told the waiting media that PNC will hold a caucus meeting before the DPM addresses the press.

Tkatchenko, on the other hand, says they have a solid 60, where PNC has 29 MPs.

Carmella Gware