One dead, three wounded in failed carjacking

A man is dead and three left wounded after their attempt to hold up an Asian man and his PNG wife failed at the Koki Fish Market in Port Moresby on Tuesday, at about 3.30pm.

National Capital District Metropolitan Chief Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, said the four suspects allegedly approached the Chinese man while he was sitting inside his vehicle waiting for his wife, who had gone into the market to buy fresh fish.

Two of the suspects walked over to him and the other pointed a homemade gun at the Chinese man’s temple and ordered him to get out of the car. The other suspect opened the passenger side door and pointed another homemade gun at the man.

A bystander realised what was happening and came to the rescue by throwing a rock at one of the suspect’s head.

The suspect lost control of his footing and fell. In the distraction the Chinese ran into the crowd in the market area. By then the crowd started to retaliate by throwing rocks at the suspects who had already gotten into the vehicle, a beige Toyota Harrier, and were attempting to drive out when a Police unit arrived at the scene.

Shots were exchanged resulting in the death of one of the suspects. The other three were wounded in the shoot-out.

Public Safety Police and CID, including the Armed Robbery Squad, the Homicide Squad and Forensics arrived at the scene at 4.15pm and secured the crime scene. The St John’s Ambulance later arrived and transported the three wounded suspects to the Port Moresby General Hospital at Three-Mile.

Witnesses at the scene were identified and the couple were brought to the Armed Robbery Squad at the Boroko Police Station and had their statements given. Investigations are continuing and the suspects are yet to be identified. Meanwhile, the vehicle was impounded at the Forensics Office at Gordon’s for further examination.

Chief Superintendent N’Dranou said Police are trained to protect and serve the public and this was what police did on Tuesday.

N’Dranou thanked the public at Koki along with security guards at the Koki Fish Market for responding and helping police prevent a crime from taking place.

“It’s a good indication that the public are tired and frustrated of crime and criminals and are cooperating with police,” Chief Superintendent N’Dranou said.

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