NSL Hosts 2022 Employer Conference

Nambawan Super’s Annual Employer Conference 2022 attracted nearly 400 Employer representatives from across the country, marking the first time Nambawan Super had hosted a significant face-to-face event, since the pandemic was declared in 2020.

Nambawan Super Chairman, Reg Monagi, remarked that the conference this year successfully connected Employers with the Fund, enabling them to understand and provide feedback on the Fund’s new initiatives, upcoming challenges and opportunities available for both Employers and Members.

“Since the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have had limited face-to-face interactions. But as a Fund, we recognise how valuable these are, and are thankful that it is now possible to welcome our Employers in person.

“Meeting face-to-face with our Employer representatives from the Government, Non-Government, private and civil sectors had enabled us to gain more insights and have the quality conversations we needed to have for the benefit of all our Members,” Mr Monagi said.

He added, “As we return to normal, we plan to continue to offer a hybrid of digital and in-person services. Whilst not everyone can access our services digitally, for those who can it saves time and improves their access to the Fund.”

Press Release