Nambawan Super Ltd

High inflation kicks in

The reduced spending power resulting from inflation is expected to impact discretionary product businesses, as consumers prioritize spending on essentials. NSL, which owns businesses dealing in both essentials and discretionary products, will closely monitor the situation.

The shortage of foreign currency is a major challenge for NSL as it limits their ability to make strategic investments for their members, and constrains the growth prospects of local businesses.

Superfund cooperation and BSP's growth

He pointed out that superfunds have been fundamental investors in BSP, which is a source of pride for all those involved.

Sayer mentioned that Nasfund, Nambawan Super, and Comrades Trustee have invested in BSP, which has branches across the Pacific, including Cook Islands, PNG, and other locations. Adding that businesses across PNG are also venturing out into the Pacific, demonstrating a two-way process.

Sayer concluded by emphasizing the benefits of working together as a cooperative, despite different aims and perspectives.

NSL Hosts 2022 Employer Conference

Nambawan Super Chairman, Reg Monagi, remarked that the conference this year successfully connected Employers with the Fund, enabling them to understand and provide feedback on the Fund’s new initiatives, upcoming challenges and opportunities available for both Employers and Members.

“Since the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have had limited face-to-face interactions. But as a Fund, we recognise how valuable these are, and are thankful that it is now possible to welcome our Employers in person.