New office for Melanesian Alliance Party

One of the oldest political parties in the country, the Melanesian Alliance party, opened its office yesterday in Port Moresby.

With the opening of its office space, the new look Melanesian Alliance party under the leadership of Bulolo MP, Sam Basil, intends to start rebuilding the party in preparation for 2022 elections.

An office space that will run the affairs of the Melanesian Alliance Party and also screen and nominate candidates for the 2022 General Election was opened on May 17th at Korobosea, Port Moresby.

The new Party leader says they intend to start early and are laying the foundation to prepare for 2022.

“I’ve learnt my lesson before. I’ve woken a party and won six. But this time we want to start early, visit every province in the country with membership drive and to show policies.”

The party also believes in creating a youth wing to engage youths and future party members.

“We have to create a future avenue for future leaders to come in. Make such party become an institution. At the moment, most political parties rise and fall with a leader, we don’t want that,” stated Basil.

Basil said political party systems must be strengthened and allow a party to serve the country for a full parliamentary term.

His deputy party leader, Rigo MP Lekwa Gure, said political allegiance in the country is very fickle.

“In order for a political system to mature, we must strengthen political parties.”

While the party has opened its new office, Wosera-Gawi MP Joseph Yopyyopy, who also claims to be party leader, was welcomed by Basil and the other eight to join.

“There are nine of us here and we welcome our brother. Mipla wokim bed, wokim haus na mipla singautim em kam. We welcome him. That’s my message to him,” said Basil.

(Party Leader Sam Basil, right, with deputy party leader Lekwa Gure, second right, on May 17th)

Sally Pokiton