NCD women protest SARV case

A large group of women, men and children, marched to the Police Headquarters this morning, to demand for the arrest of those who tortured and killed women in Southern Highlands Province.

The women carried banners with slogans that called for a stop to violence against women, saying the sick barbaric practice of torturing women accused of sorcery, must end.

“We represent all the women and girls across the country. On behalf of all the women and girls, I call the government of today, the Prime Minister and the Police Commissioner to impose the bill on women’s rights and see to it that it is exercised. Right now, we feel threatened,” said Elice Siki, NCD Women’s Commissioner.

The video of the women being tortured went viral on social media, triggering calls for the arrest of those responsible in torturing and killing of three of the five victims.

“We will not rest until these men are arrested and served justice. Sorcery Accused Related Violence and Gender Based Violence is not an issue, it is a disease that needs to be removed,” Siki said.

Meantime, the Minister for Police urged women around the country not to withdraw Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases after reporting it to the police. He appealed that such cases must only be dealt with by the law.

“Do not settle with compensation, the crime will not be solved that way,” said Minister Onglo.

Joachim Lolok, UPNG Journalism Student