Namah Wants Clarity on Vaccination

Leader of the Opposition, Belden Namah has raised concerns in Parliament today that some companies are forcing and threatening their staff to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Namah said that vaccinations must be voluntarily and not by force.

He also mentioned that some supermarkets are running competitions forcing people to take vaccines in order to enter into competition to win huge prices like cars.

“If its voluntary, then why are some companies making vaccinations compulsory and making it a precondition for employment?
“Some companies are even offering competitions and prices. One company is also advertising that you have to pay K100, get vaccinated and win a vehicle from the draw.”

Mr Namah called on Prime Minister James Marape to explain why such treatment is happening to our citizens.

“Are we going to sit back and allow these companies to suppress and intimidate our people?... What is the Government’s position on vaccination?” Namah asked.

Prime Minister when responding said that vaccinations is voluntary and companies must not force people to get the vaccines.

However, he also mentioned that companies have their own strategies in combatting COVID-19 in work places and he could not tell them what to do.

Freddy Mou