Beldan Namah

PM Told To Respect PHAs

He made this call after Prime Minister Marape issued threats to PHA CEOs to perform or be sacked.

“I find the Prime Minister's threats to the Provincial Health Authorities to produce plans within a fortnight or get the sack to be without foundation and a reflection of poor management of the affairs of our nation.”

He said PHAs need policy direction, strategies and objectives. 

Namah Wants Clarity on Vaccination

Namah said that vaccinations must be voluntarily and not by force.

He also mentioned that some supermarkets are running competitions forcing people to take vaccines in order to enter into competition to win huge prices like cars.

“If its voluntary, then why are some companies making vaccinations compulsory and making it a precondition for employment?
“Some companies are even offering competitions and prices. One company is also advertising that you have to pay K100, get vaccinated and win a vehicle from the draw.”

Namah expresses sadness over MP’s death

Mr Namah said, “I received news of his death with extreme shock because it is so sudden and death has arrived for a person in the prime of his service to his people and country.

“We have only just returned the previous day from Wewak after laying to rest the founding father of the nation, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.

“And it is just weeks from the passing of another former Prime Minister and Moresby North West Member, Sir Mekere Morauta.

“He was another prominent son of the Gulf Province is a big blow for the people of Kerema and Gulf.

Namah apologizes in parliament

Namah also apologised to former Chief Justice, Sir Salamo Injia for storming the court house in 2012.

 “I am accused of mistreating the Grand Chief during the political impasse of 2011.

“I am accused of storming into the Court Room of the then Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia at that time.

“And I am accused of declaring the Grand Chief a stranger in our Parliament.

“I accept the criticisms that have arisen but I will not have them taint the memory of my relationship with the Grand Chief or with his family, the people of East and West Sepik and the wider PNG.”

Court yet to hear case of Nov 17 sitting

Interested parties who applied to take part in the proceedings as interveners include; Prime Minister James Marape, Treasurer, Ian Lingstuckey, leader of government business, Renbo Paita, Clerk of Parliament and Paul Paraka as a private citizen.

Ruling on whether to grant these applications will be heard at 12:30pm today, after it was adjourned by the five men bench.

Opposition leader, Belden Namah has also shown interest in the proceedings.

The court is expected to hear his application at 12:30 when it resumes.

Namah seeks judicial review on Tribunal decision

His lawyer, Greg Sheppard moved the leave application today which was not opposed by the state.

Justice Oagile Bethuel Key Dinake heard arguments and reserved his decision.

The leave application was filed on May 11, seeking leave to apply for judicial review on two main grounds.

Constitutional error in following due process in the appointment of the tribunal, and the failure to afford natural justice to the leader, by inviting him to suggest penalty after a guilty verdict was handed down on April 9 by the Tribunal.

PNG Party eyes 60 candidates to contest 2017 Elections

PNG Party General Secretary Kila Poka revealed this to the media after presenting the party’s policies at the National Research Institute in Port Moresby today.      

Poka said the party received over 500 expression of interest from aspiring politicians and party officials in the last five months had screened it down to 98 candidates.

“We have finalised of 98 candidates in which we think we can do better to screen down, and we are hoping to run almost 60 candidates. 

High Court to decide on Namah reference

Justices David Cannings, Allen David and Hitelai Polume-Kiele reserved their decision on the matter to next week after hearing lengthy submissions from parties involved in the case today.

Namah is the referrer; members of the tribunal are the first defendants, the public prosecutor the second defendant, the Ombudsman Commission the third while the Chief Justice is the fourth defendant.

PM blasts Namah for interference on Regional Processing Centre

“Let the governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia go about getting on with the process of adhering to court orders.

“Closure of the centre will require coordinate effort and our officials from both countries are working on this at the moment,” PM O’Neill said.

“Just standing on a soapbox and beating your chest does nothing to change the processes involved in adhering to this decision.

“The centre will not close overnight as it is a significant scale of operation and this process has to be done properly.