Namah dismissal recommendation stayed

The Leadership Tribunal's recommendation to dismiss suspended Vanimo-Green MP, Belden Namah, has been stayed by the National Court.

This follows the grant of leave today for Namah's lawyers to file judicial review in the National Court.

Justice Oagile Bethuel Key Dinake granted leave to Namah to apply for Judicial Review against the decision of the Leadership Tribunal that was delivered on April 9.

The court will review the decision of the Leadership Tribunal, in particular, the tribunal's failure to give Namah an opportunity to address the tribunal on penalties after he was found guilty of nine counts of misconduct in office.

His lawyers put to court that after he was found guilty, he was not invited to make submissions on penalties.

Following the grant of leave this morning, his lawyer Greg Sheppard said they intend to file the judicial review as soon as possible.

Namah thanked all his supporters for their prayers as well as his lawyers for obtaining a stay against the recommendation of the Leadership Tribunal to have him dismissed from office.

Sally Pokiton