NAC Eviction On Hold

The National Airport Corporation has announced that illegal settlers particularly those living within the Declared Aerodrome Land that the eviction planned for February 2022 has been put on hold until further notice.

NAC informed the media during a press conference today that they have heard from the government and have considered and accommodated their concerns.

NAC Managing Director, Rex Kiponge has appealed to the settlers that within this period, they will need to look at resettling somewhere saying that as landlord, NAC will still exercise its right to take back its land within the declared Aerodrome that is currently in the hands of the illegal settlers.

“My appeal also to the public and especially those intending candidates for the 2022 elections, not to politicize the eviction that is planned by NAC. It must never be politicized. We are doing our job, I am doing my job and that is in the interests for the business,” said Mr Kiponge.

“I want to appeal to the general public that ‘Please leave us alone to do our job’ and I must also inform the public that your petitions and your demands are not moving NAC. It’s not moving NAC. We are focused, we are committed to reclaim what is NAC’s, and that’s our job and that’s my job, that’s what we are doing.”

The move to reclaim all NAC land is a Strategic Approach to expand the Port Moresby Jackson’s International Airport in order to meet the growing population and demand for air transport in the country.

Mr Kiponge said it is also to increase internal revenue base by encouraging investment portfolios into NACs unused land and with airports around the world expanding to accommodate increase in air traffic movements, Jacksons International Airport is no exception being the only gateway into the country.

He stressed that NACs core business is to provide safe, reliable and efficient airports for the travelling public and expansion of the Jacksons Airport is in line with meeting the domestic and global demands in the Aviation Industry.

In this regard, Mr Kiponge stated that, “My office has not engaged any individual or any group to represent NAC to negotiate on behalf of NAC for the eviction that is proposed to take place.”

He said the eviction to reclaim NAC’s land is purely for airport expansion and business growth and not to be politicized by intending candidates. 

Carol Kidu