Murder suspect arrested after 6 years

A man in Manus, who was wanted for a killing at Derembat village over six years ago, has finally been apprehended and arrested by Police in Lorengau.

He appeared at the Lorengau District court on March 8th.

28-year-old Sorou James of Derembat village was arrested by police after he allegedly killed a Gabriel Kirah, also from the same village, on December 30th, 2011.

He was charged with wilful murder for allegedly hitting the deceased on the back of his head with a timber, causing instant death.

Police also alleged he carried the deceased’s body to his house, tied a rope around his neck and hung him on the verandah to make it look like a suicide.

Earlier, police also arrested Guise Bukon, an accomplice in the killing, and also from Derembat. Bukon’s case is before the Committal Court process.

Provincial police commander, David Yapu, commended police for dealing with the outstanding cases.

Meantime, a 27-year-old man from Pityluh Island was arrested for the attempted rape of an elderly woman on February 23rd.

The victim was asleep in her house when the drunk suspect, Malakai Salamoh, entered the woman’s house and attacked her. A struggle ensued until the woman’s neighbours came to her rescue.

Salamoh surrendered to police during a recent law and order awareness session on Pityluh Island by PPC Chief Inspector Yapu, upon an invitation from Ward Councillor Alfred Tom.

PPC Yapu appealed to other 131 ward councilors to take similar approaches to deal with law and order issues.

Sally Pokiton