Morobe launches police reservist program

120 school leavers will undergo three months of police training under the Morobe Provincial Government’s police reservist intervention program.

The program was launched at the Gusap Tactical Training School in Madang on Monday (June 28th).

With the slogan, ‘No child left behind’, the Morobe Provincial Government signed a memorandum of understanding with the Royal PNG Constabulary to train Grade 10 and 12 school-leavers in Morobe Province.

Under the Kundu Vision 2048, the provincial government supported the police reservist intervention program with K2 million to give the school leavers a second chance at improving their lives.

At the launching of the program, the new recruits were told that after three months, they will be stationed in their respective districts to boost manpower.

“With this program, my government is proud to engage the services of senior Morobean, a former senior public servant and a former police commissioner, Mr Sam Inguba, who has been involved in the coordination and consultation with various government agencies, especially the Royal PNG Constabulary, law and justice sector and provincial education department,” stated Morobe Governor, Ginson Saonu.

Saonu said the reservists will assist regular police officers attend to normal policing duties as well as address land disputes and strengthen the village court system.

Former police commissioner and program coordinator, Sam Inguba, told the recruits that they have been given a second chance to become responsible Morobean citizens, adding that they will also be able to upgrade their grade point average.  

The program, which will run for five years, is expected to produce 500 reservists.

Carmella Gware