More PNGDF personnel deployed to Highlands

Up to 60 Papua New Guinea Defence Force personnel have been deployed to Hela Province.

They will provide back up support with regards to the law and order issues and the PNG LNG site security concerns at the Hides gas conditioning plant.

PNGDF Commander, Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo, informed this newsroom whilst giving an update of the troops’ operations and work up in the province.

Along with recent decisions made by the National Executive Council to extend the period of the callout, troops have been deployed since after the elections and have continued to maintain presence in the province.

Another 60 troops have also been deployed to Southern Highlands to maintain security; a backlash of number of issues relating to law and order, dating back to the National General Elections in 2017.

“We have been asked to deploy troops so we also maintain presence in Southern Highlands to make sure that administration, public service and delivery of services are restored.”

Toropo says troops in Enga Province have been withdrawn late last year however, with the callout now, PNGDF has again been requested to put the manpower back to assist and maintain the situation in Enga.

“We expect to send at least 60 more personnel, which will consist of two platoons, back into Enga Province.”

Annette Kora