Marape urges people to stay away from Tkatchenko’s issue

Prime Minister James Marape has urged for calm among Papua New Guineans and stated that there is no need to escalate tensions surrounding the issue involving former Foreign Affairs Minister, Justin Tkatchenko.

PM Marape in a statement responded to the calls from certain organisations planning to gather outside Parliament today to prevent Moresby-South MP Tkatchenko from entering.

"The relevant authorities are currently investigating the Justin Tkatchenko issue, and it is important to note that he has already stepped aside as Foreign Affairs Minister. Therefore, there is no need to further burden the public with unnecessary stress," Marape emphasised.

"The public should be aware that Constitutional Offices such as the Police, Ombudsman, and the Judiciary are responsible for addressing matters of public interest, including any perceived or real abuses of office."

Marape also highlighted his government's commitment to strengthen the Public Solicitor's Office to ensure that government-funded lawyers are readily available to handle such matters, thereby minimizing the need for public demonstrations.

"We are well aware of the consequences of past protests in Papua New Guinea, where opportunistic individuals have exploited the situation, resulting in damage to public property and businesses," the Prime Minister cautioned.

The Prime Minister's comments come in the wake of ongoing concerns surrounding Tkatchenko and the need for a thorough investigation into the matter.

PM Marape's stance is to allow the relevant authorities to carry out their investigations independently, assuring the public that the legal processes are in place to address any misconduct.

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