Marape commits to serve PNG

Prime Minister James Marape says his Government will do its “utmost best” for the people of Papua New Guinea.

Prime Minister James Marape says his Government will do its “utmost best” for the people of Papua New Guinea.
He said this on Sunday, August 14, 2022 as he went through the process of selecting ministers and laying the groundwork for the next five years.
“On August 30, 2022, when Parliament resumes, the Governor-General will be addressing MPs,” PM Marape said.
“Our full Cabinet will be in place by then and I will make a response to the Governor-General and the country as to what exactly we will be doing and some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will hold the Government accountable,” the PM said.
Marape said his Inaugural Statement to Parliament on Tuesday, August 9, was a general one that covered the thoughts and intentions of Government.

“When I make a response to the Governor-General’s statement on August 30, 2022, it will be more detailed and will indicate what we will do in different sectors like Health, Education, Law-and-Order, Infrastructure and Economy,” he said. 
"These were the bases on which PANGU Pati received overwhelming support nationwide, since we reclaimed Government in 2019. 
"We will not let our people down since they shared these aspirations when they voted for PANGU.
“We have committed to a better Papua New Guinea through strategic interventions in these key sectors, which are vital for our country to grow.
“We want to better our Law-and-Order environment, Infrastructure, Economy, Health and Education.
“We will expand on these five focus areas into an exact plan on what we will do.”
Marape urged all Papua New Guineans to be positive about the future of the country.
“We want to steer our country in a better direction guided by our core principles and values like ‘Take Back PNG’, ‘Richest Black Christian Nation’, and ‘Leaving No Place and No-one Behind’. 
"These are very much congruent to the Vision 2050 intentions and clarity on what these mean, and our national outcomes will be augmented in the next sitting of Parliament.
“The country can rest assured that we know exactly what we are doing, and that we want our country to be a better place.  
“By the time we hop out of this decade, into the 2030s, we must be well on our way to the better destination that we have created in the 2020s.”


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