Locals face anxiety and fear

With no knowledge of what’s happening, fear is still high among locals in the Kutubu LLG, affected by the earthquake.

In a phone conversation last night, Isaac Haboro said tremors can still be felt and there are still rumblings underground.

He said all this is new to the people and fear is driving many away from village, which is even riskier.

“There are loud noises like thunder rumbling, underground. We don’t know what this is but people are scared and running away. Some are going by motor/canoe over the lake, others are taking the road. But this is risky. And the more we’re left in suspense, more people will flee to their death,” he said.

On behalf of his Foe-Fasu people, Haboro is requesting for an expert or someone to get on the ground and do a quick awareness on the situation, and put the locals at ease.

“It’s been four days now (as of March 1), and none of our leaders have made an attempt to reach us. We see helicopters hovering above us, but no authority has come to our aid. Most of the children and the old are very sick,” he said.

His calling directly to MRDC to respond to locals in these impacted areas.

“We don’t know how soon the government relief aid will come to us. So we are looking to MRDC for this. Please release the money in our trust account and help us. That money is ours, and we need it now!”

He added that even if no relief comes sooner, at least someone should be on the ground to talk with the people and hear their thoughts.

“We can’t be left alone for too long like this!”


(File picture of damages sustained)

Gloria Bauai