Lelang calls for emergency relief

Leader of the Opposition, Joseph Lelang, has called on the Government to provide emergency support to victims of the earthquake which hit the Chambri Lakes area of East Sepik Province on Monday morning.

Four people are reported dead with many homes destroyed in the magnitude 7 quake.

Mr Lelang said there must always be emergency funds available and the National Disaster and Emergency Services must be fully equipped to deploy at a moment's notice.

“This country sits on the Pacific ring of fire. It is prone to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. 

“Large rivers and high rain fall result in flooding and land slips which has happened numerous times.

“The government must ensure NDES is able to respond in the shortest time to disasters.

“And this is one area where funds from Item 207 is supposed to be spent - on emergencies and unbudgeted expenditure such as court awarded compensation and international commitments.”

The Opposition Leader extended his condolences to those who lost loved ones.

Loop Author