Lecturer Will Leave After 27 Years

The University of Technology’s outgoing pro vice-chancellor academic, Dr Augustine Moshi, described his family’s life in PNG as “very good quality”.

Originally from Tanzania in Africa, by the time he leaves, the mathematician would have spent 27 years and nine months in PNG.

“We stayed with a lot of joy,” he said during the launching of Lady Moshi on Tuesday.

“My children grew up here. By the time they left, they were grown up and they went to a university in Africa.

“The life that I have had here is something that I treasure.

“I enjoyed the cleanliness of the air, the beauty of the trees and flowers and everything which all of you take for granted.

“But for somebody coming from another country, this is extremely beautiful.

“I enjoyed that for all these years so I’m very thankful.”

Dr Moshi’s service at Unitech will end on the 31st of December.

Prior to Unitech, he taught for seven years at the University of Dar es Salaam, the oldest and biggest public university in Tanzania.

“Three years at the University of Zimbabwe, half a year at University of Botswana and during my stay in Canada for five years, I was teaching for 10 hours a week.

“So I had quite a few years of teaching before coming here so plus the 27 years of teaching here, I think now I can say I rest my case.”

Carmella Gware