Unitech Launches ‘Lady Moshi’

The University of Technology launched a School of Engineering boat on Tuesday afternoon at their Taraka campus.

The boat has been named “Lady Moshi”, in honour of Dr Augustine Moshi and his family, who have served Unitech for the last 27 years.

Lae’s University of Technology have started promoting the accreditation project for some of their engineering programs.

Unitech successfully obtained provisional accreditation for its restructured engineering program by Engineers Australia, where its students are now in Year 3 of the new student focused programs.

Pro vice-chancellor academic, Dr Moshi, was instrumental in the initial stage of the accreditation process to where it is now.

To honour his legacy, the School of Engineering named their new research boat after the pro VC’s wife, Jane Moshi.

Vice-chancellor, Dr Ora Renagi, said Professor Moshi has been a ‘beacon of standards at the university’, hence he deserves to be honoured.

“Not only through his teaching in mathematics but also his leadership as chairman of the examinations committee for many, many years,” stated the VC.

“He ensured that the examination process, the integrity of the rules and regulations that we had, were intact.

“Even in his position as PVC academic, he continued to ensure that our teaching was delivered with quality from our academics, and that the processes of admissions, examinations, post-graduate studies were also observed, even our recruiting processes.”

Dr Moshi, who is from Tanzania, said it was a great honour to be remembered in such a way, saying they had lived a “quality life” in PNG for 27 years.

He further thanked the university’s management and engineering team for pushing towards getting their programs accredited.

“There was a lot of worry and concern and skepticism at the beginning,” he shared. “I knew from some staff at the engineering faculty who actually openly said that it was not possible to have our programs accredited. But it has been shown now that it is possible.”

Dr Moshi started working at Unitech on March 20th, 1994. His services will end on December 31st, 2021.

Carmella Gware