Dr Augustine Moshi

Lecturer Will Leave After 27 Years

Originally from Tanzania in Africa, by the time he leaves, the mathematician would have spent 27 years and nine months in PNG.

“We stayed with a lot of joy,” he said during the launching of Lady Moshi on Tuesday.

“My children grew up here. By the time they left, they were grown up and they went to a university in Africa.

“The life that I have had here is something that I treasure.

Unitech Launches ‘Lady Moshi’

The boat has been named “Lady Moshi”, in honour of Dr Augustine Moshi and his family, who have served Unitech for the last 27 years.

Lae’s University of Technology have started promoting the accreditation project for some of their engineering programs.

Unitech successfully obtained provisional accreditation for its restructured engineering program by Engineers Australia, where its students are now in Year 3 of the new student focused programs.