Land titles a challenge for public institutions

​Four land titles were given out on Thursday by the Lands Minister, Justin Tkatchenko, among them Caritas Technical Secondary School’s new campus in the heart of West New Britain Province.

Upon receiving the titles from the Lands Minister, West New Britain Governor, Sasindran Muthuvel, admitted that it has been a challenge in acquiring land titles for public institutions.  

As part of Minister Tkatchenko’s priority to make land for public or institutional purposes safe, he has signed off on four land titles securing the land portion in which a brand new Caritas Girls Technical School is being built in West New Britain Province

Other land titles given were to the West New Britain Provincial government, including the San Remo Sports Stadium, a cultural centre which is over 30 years old, and the land title of the jetty and fish processing facility.

Governor Muthuvel explained the significance of these land titles, saying many prime locations in the middle of Kimbe town were meant for public recreation, but had been taken over by the Chinese.

A pioneer founder of the Caritas Girls Technical School, Sister Florentina said AUSAID Funding could not continue for a campus in West New Britain due to the land title.

Sophie Yaruso