Lae police commends community

Lae police is confident that the city known for violence when it comes to major sporting events in the past has changed.

Lae’s Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambi, said Lae has had a bad  reputation however this time around, he said they managed to carry out the operations without any violence erupting.

The double header rugby league game was held peacefully in Lae on Sunday, with police and PNGDF personnel deployed all around the venue and also inside.

Drunks and would be trouble makers were prevented from entering the area, whilst gate crashers were kept at bay.

Wagambi is pleased that, no tear gas and heavy handed tactics were used by  the security personnel who used numbers to counter anything from happening.

In thanking the security personnel on ground, Wagambi is confident that Lae is ready to host any other major sporting events.

Charmaine Poriambep