Lae police back fight against domestic violence

Anthony Wagambie Jnr has pledged the full backing of Lae police in supporting the fight against domestic violence and sexual offences.

“I was elected the chairman of the Morobe Family Sexual Violence Action Committee last Wednesday,” says the Lae metropolitan superintendent.

“I take this as an honour to work alongside other stakeholders in this field. The stakeholders comprise of Government, NGOs and faith-based organisations.

“I am honoured to chair this committee and will make use of all the very experienced stakeholders to pave the way forward to fight gender-based violence and child abuse.”

Two weeks ago, the police boss called for a meeting with stakeholders to see how they could work together to curb the ever increasing domestic violence and sexual offences.

“I was surprised by the full turn out. I was surprised that I got nominated and consequently elected as chairman last week,” he said.

The police boss made these comments during the donation of three brand new vehicles from Police Headquarters last Friday.

“We would like to embark on more awareness of the rights of women and children to report offences committed and work in this area.

“There have been too many instances where victims and relatives resort to solving these issues out of court. Such cases of child molestation, rape, gender-based violence, wife/ husband bashing, incest and so forth are still not being reported to Police and being sorted out in the form of compensation by village committees.

“This will stop and anyone found to be facilitating this will be arrested for perverting the course of justice.”


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