Kopen Festival celebrated

People from the Kopen area just outside Wabag town in Enga Province, recently observed and celebrated their cultural heritage for three days after formal opening.

Executive Director of National Cultural Commission Steven Kilanda opened the Kopen Take Pii festival and congratulated community leaders for taking the initiative to register the festival.

He also commended them for establishing a cultural center in their area and thanked Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas for his leadership in ensuring culture is featured prominently in the province.

Enga boasts of a well-researched and archived cultural center known as “Take Anda or the House of Wisdom”.

And, it is the only province in the country that has its traditional and cultural knowledge built into its provincial school curriculum ranging from primary to secondary.

Research work is currently being carried out to roll out its cultural education program into tertiary institutions in Enga.

The province has 10 cultural festivals and shows that are observed and celebrated each year and this year’s event is an initiative of the people of Kopen in promoting Enga’s rituals and cultures in the province.

Carol Kidu