Kol Medivac

On the 28th of July, Heli Solutions carried out a medical evacuation in Kol village Jimi District of Jiwaka Province, for a mother who had been bleeding for over 12 hours from a retained placenta.

The young mother named Betty was assisted by villagers who constructed a stretcher out of bamboo and torn up flour bags and brought her to wait for the medevac.

Heli Solutions Pilot, Captain Boga and Operations Manager Linda Wii, who is also a First Aid officer flew to Kol and evacuated the young mother and her baby to the Kudjip Nazerene Hospital.

Wii said by the time the medevac team had arrived, the young mother was very weak but had been able to stay conscious by drinking coke to maintain her blood sugar level.

“This is not the first time. We have assisted mothers in Kol with similar cases. The previous trip up to the same district was for a mother who had a 2% haemoglobin level after giving birth and we had to rush her to the nearest hospital in Kudjip as well,” said Wii.

Kol village is located at the foot of Mount Wilhelm and is inaccessible by road. On a good day, the villagers take an entire day to get to Kudjip but if it rains, the trip is made too difficult and many people have died before reaching the nearest aid post or hospital.

Heli Solutions has done many medevacs in the area in partnership with the Jiwaka Provincial government and its local member, Wake Goi.

Wii appealed to the national government to intervene, saying that the situation in the area is dire that it requires national intervention.

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