Intense driving week for women officers

It has been an intense and challenging tactical driving week for 12 women officers of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

The 12 underwent two weeks of tactical and defensive driving exercise in preparation for the first Senior Officials Meeting (SOM 1) set to take place this weekend.

This is the first female only operational close protection driving program that the RPNGC is running in conjunction with the Australian Federal Police through the PNG-APP/ RPNGC partnership program.

Police Constable Rauma Lo’o said the program means a great deal, especially for women in this line and field of duty, apart from the previous courses and training they had already undertaken in preparation for APEC.

“We have November coming up so taking up this program is more or less upskilling and advanced for the main APEC meet.”

While the drivers have the basic skill of casual driving, the training exercise brings on a whole new level of experience at the world standard level.

A dry run exercise was done this morning to display what is called the advanced tactical driving, which is only one of the many trainings done at world-wide standards for leaders globally.

Senior sergeant Fiona Kakarere said coming into the program and learning these new skills and tactics was great but also challenging.

“Trying to get hands-on training to reverse at high speed is one thing most women are not known for.”

Constable Naureen Bayagau stated: “These type of intense driving programs should be recommended for the RPNGC.

“There are so many things we can do to better our own skill and this program has done justice to that.”

The 12 officers will graduate tomorrow from the close protection driving program and more women are expected to come on board to enhance their driving skills.

Annette Kora