ICAC meets with IRC

The Commissioner of ICAC, Andrew Forbes, along with his deputies and Interim Chairman Thomas Eluh, had a meeting with the Commissioner General and two Commissioners of IRC On Wednesday July 12.

This meeting was part of ICAC's effort to connect with key stakeholders. Commissioner General Sam Koim extended congratulations to the ICAC team and assured IRC's commitment to collaborative efforts in combating corruption. IRC has recently established a dedicated Tax Crime Division to investigate and prosecute tax evaders, and they will closely cooperate with ICAC to hold accountable those who defraud the State through tax evasion.

Highlighting corruption as a significant development challenge, the former Taskforce Sweep Chairman acknowledged the Marape Government's serious political commitment by establishing ICAC and appointing independent commissioners.

IRC eagerly anticipates a fruitful collaboration with ICAC to combat corruption in Papua New Guinea.

Loop author