Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC)

ICAC commissioners appointed

Prime Minister James Marape made this announcement on the floor of Parliament today.

The Prime Minister also clarified that since taking office in 2019, all leaders agreed to pass the law on the ICAC.

He said the work of establishing ICAC started back then since the second Parliament but didn’t fully established till the 10th Parliament.

Marape also acknowledged the contributions of the former regime led by Peter O’Neill for pushing through the ICAC bill but fell short to reach Parliament.

Marape clarifies K20m DSIP funds

Prime Minister James Marape clarified the fund allocation after media speculation that MPs will be allocated K100m per year.

He said the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) will prosecute any leader who misuses these funds.

To clear the misconceptions about the K20 million District Services Improvement Programme funding to each district, Prime Minister James Marape clarified that the funding is not free money for MPs but people’s money for development purposes.

Three appointed to top ICAC posts

Yesterday the appointments were made, although no names are being announced at this point until letters of formalization have been exchanged.

As Prime Minister, James Marape oversaw the appointments at the ICAC Appointments Committee meeting; he convened in his capacity as Chairman and called it “a historic decision”. Marape received the report containing the recommendations from the Independent Interview Panel, headed by Chairman Peter Aitsi.

Work Progressing On ICAC

The Prime Minister, James Marape on Wednesday 26 January 2022, when chairing the meeting discussed the composition of the Commission, its check and balance and administrative mechanisms, reporting structure, other administrative and legal requirements and recruitment for its composition.

He also called on the need of the Government to address the “cancer of corruption” in the country and hastened the Committee to move the process along before Parliament rose for the National General Elections this year.

ICAC Soon To Be Established

Prime Minister James Marape called attention to the absolute need for the Government to address the “cancer of corruption” in the country and hastened the Committee to immediately move the process along before Parliament rises for the National General Elections this year.

Prevention, education, awareness strategies

Interim chairman of ICAC, Thomas Eluh, said they will be vigorously driving particularly in the area of education.

“We would like to target the younger generation in schools. To educate them about the evils of corruption with the hope of winning their hearts and minds at an early age in life so that they can become better citizens and advocators.

PNG hailed on passing of ICAC law

“The campaign against corruption must be placed at the top of the agendas of our societies. Unless corruption is checked, it will poison our ways of life and corrode standards,” said Chairman of TIPNG, Peter Aitsi. 

“At TIPNG, we welcome this law and the eventual establishment of the ICAC in our country. It is our hope that this body will further empower people in PNG to take action against corruption and work to protect the integrity of the people, society and nation of Papua New Guinea.

PNG’s ‘first promising step’

The EU says this achievement is a ‘first promising step on a long road’.   

“Adopting the legislation is essential, but not sufficient,” it stated.

“To make it work, ICAC will further need real independence, bylaws and regulations, qualified staff and funding. In this respect, the EU stands ready to provide a helping hand through its Partnership for Good Governance Program, which provides 100 million Kina for different activities, including the fight against corruption.

Actioning needed for plan against corruption

The Minister for Justice and Attorney General says there is already a National Action Plan against corruption in place, which now needs actioning.

The protection of whistle-blowers and the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) are two important aspects that need to be addressed.

The Deputy Prime Minister says the simple reality is that all corrupt conduct involves more than one person so if people are not afraid to be whistle-blowers then it will be a quicker and cheaper way to deal with corruption. 

Justice sector unites against corruption

This was revealed by the Secretary for the Department of Justice and Attorney General during the TIPNG Annual Walk Against Corruption on Sunday.

Transparency International PNG holds annual Walk Against Corruption to raise funds for programs to address acts of corruption in the country.

The walk on June 9th raised K165,000 for the TIPNG operations, but TIPNG alone cannot eradicate the problem. It needs the whole community to fight this disease called corruption.