Harsh penalties for drug offenders in NIP

Those caught producing marijuana in New Ireland Province will be “banned from entering Kavieng and Namatanai towns”.

This was Governor Sir Julius Chan’s message during Tuesday’s New Year briefing.

He said: “Full focus and attention will be devoted to areas growing marijuana and drug related behaviour, like Matalai LLG areas.

“Those caught will be charged and forcibly evicted and sent home.

“They will be further blacklisted and disqualified from all the Government Subsidy Policy benefits.

“Those charged under the Vagrancy Laws will be sent to home provinces and respective council areas for the indigenous people and will be banned from entering Kavieng and Namatanai towns.”

Sir J said the Government will apply another penalty for drug offenders who seek medical treatment.

“They will pay a K200 penalty fee and will be last in the queue for treatment at the hospitals and health posts.”

A special task force has been mobilised to “quash illegal cultivation and drug production and repatriate perpetrators”.

The first Government Situation Group meeting was attended by the provincial administrator and all divisional heads, including the Provincial Police Commander and New Ireland Works.

The aim was to update and set the course and work schedules for 2017.

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