Guns confiscated in Lae police operations

China Town Police personal on duty on New Year night in Lae, were shot at, when responding to a report of stone throwing along the Backroad area.

The suspect was armed with a homemade gun.

Lae’s Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambi Junior said his men were able to apprehend the suspect and retrieve the homemade gun.

In Tent City, police on foot beat patrol after midnight, apprehended two men caught with a factory made flare gun and a homemade gun.

Another seven youths, all male were apprehended by police’s Sector Response Unit, along the freeway.

They were responsible for burning tires on the road and stoning a police vehicle that tried stopping them.

A homemade gun was confiscated from one of these men.

Apart from these incidents, police in Lae were out in numbers ensuring peaceful New Year Celebrations throughout the city.

Wagambi commended Lae residents, community leaders and the police for ensuring a quiet New Year.


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Charmaine Poriambep