Gang Attack Church Deacon

The Hetwara Gang at Nankina Valley in Madang's Raicoast district broke into the Lutheran Church deacon's house at Miok village and stole undisclosed amount of alter wine and tore the Bible into pieces.

After attacking the Deacon and his family yesterday morning but the criminals managed to get away, confirmed Madang police. 

Madang Provincial Police Commander acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said it was alleged that the men all armed with bows and arrows, bush knives, wire catapults, stapler guns and axes had entered the house at around 3am.

PPC Rubiang said the men then ransacked the house and stole alter wine and the sacramental bread meant for the Miok Luthrean Church Holy Communion and then tore the Deacon`s Bible and started drinking the wine used for Holy communion for the Sunday Service.

He said, after drinking the alter wine the gang members got drunk and allegedly abducted two young girls aged 15 and 20, and raped them. The girls were taken to Sukgek village and kept as hostages.

According to Nankina valley village leaders, the gang had been doing that to other girls in the past and they are still doing it. The leaders have condemned the attack on the church deacon and the young girls.

According to police the situation at Upper and Lower Nankina area at Raicoast`s Nayudo Local Level Government of Raicoast is still tense.

It was revealed that people at that area are scared because the gang are armed and they feel like they will be victims of that gang anytime.

The people at that area do not feel safe when travelling around during the night.

Sylvester Wemuru