Fraud squad arrests Gulf man

A Gulf Province man has been arrested over the misappropriation of over K200,000 belonging to a local firm.

On 2 February 2018 in NCD, detectives from the National Fraud & Anti-Corruption Directorate arrested and charged Luke Damu, from Wowobo village, Kikori District.

He has been charged with:

  • One count of official corruption
  • One count of false pretence
  • Four counts of making documents without authority
  • Two counts of conspiracy to defraud
  • One count of offering bribery and,
  • Misappropriating K274,250.28 from Gopera Investment Ltd.

Damu was employed by Gopera Investment Ltd as project co-ordinator when he committed the offences.  

In a statement, NFACD director, Matthew Damaru, said: “On 21 December 2012 without the authority of the chairman and the managing director, Luke Damu, withdrew cash payment of K274,250.28 from the company’s ANZ Bank account to pay for director allowances, water way and coordinator allowances.

“However, the directors of the company denied receiving any allowances from Mr Damu.”

On 18 September 2017, the names of directors and shareholders of the company were altered and new directors and shareholder names were entered at the IPA with the Registrar of Companies.  

There was no resolution made by the directors and the shareholders to change the directors and shareholders.  

“However, Mr Damu had produced a purported meeting minutes of Gopera Investment Ltd dated 16 September 2017 and submitted Forms 10 and 16 to validate those alterations.

“It is alleged 5 people were bribed with K5,000 cash each, together with 5 whiskey bottles each, to induce them to sign the purported meeting minutes of the Gopera Investment Ltd as new directors and transfer of shares,” stated Damaru.

“He was interviewed at the NFACD office Konedobu and after the interview, he was taken to Boroko Police Station and placed in the cells. 

“The case is now before the Waigani Committal Court.  

“More arrests are expected to be made soon on the co-accused.”

Press release