Four fishermen found

After 21 days of missing at sea the four Hanuabada fishermen have finally been found alive.

The survivors, Maku Dai, Frank Doura, Gabi Lohia and Lohia Nou were seen drifting on the waters of Amazon Bay about 251 kilometers away from Port Moresby by road, however, longer by sea when villagers from Domara village in Amazon Bay saw the men. 

The four men had lost their anchor by the storm so used their outboard motor as the anchor. 

According to the PNG Wind Map, the windy storm could drifted them towards East Central from the area they were trolling in, heading past Rigo district and finally being seen by Domara villagers along the coast for Amazon Bay in Abau District. 

Chairman for Motu Koita Assembly, Dadi Toka Jnr in the 7th of February 2023, these four fishermen were declared missing and a massive sea, air and land search operation commenced.

He stated that, “We thank God Lord for His grace with their safe return after weeks at sea. I extend heartfelt appreciation to NMSA, PNGDF, RPNGC, Water Police, MKA, People of Domara, families and individuals and most importantly the brave men and women in our Motu Koita villages for your tireless commitment and action.” 

The men are now being united with their families in Hanuabada village. 

Loop Author