Focus on Coffee Berry Borer

The Coffee Industry Corporation says one of their main focus is to contain and control the Coffee Berry borer (CBB).

“Another challenge the coffee industry is facing is the Coffee Berry borer which is eating into the farmers’ pocket as well, farmers are losing crop gradually because of the insect infestation on the crop. It’s now spreading Jiwaka, Eastern Highlands, Chimbu and that pest is moving,” said Chief Executive Officer for Coffee Industry Corporation, Charles Dambui, during the presentation of the cheques for price and freight subsidy. “I must thank the government for continuing to support us and of course our important stakeholders like processers and exporters are also taking on that seriously.”

Dambui commended the government for realizing the issues faced. The coffee industry was given K1.5million to assist farmers with price and freight for farmers.

“Let me thank the government for the Price subsidy and freight subsidy for coffee. One of the challenging sectors is the accessibility and that always eat into their cost and at the end of the day the price of goods like coffee, cocoa copra normally drops,” he stated. 

 Dambui added that the CBB is eating into the pockets of the farmer’s as well.

“We will be doing a separate submission Minister I will need your support on that one so at least we can give guarantee or assurance to our farmers,” he said.

“So our focus now in the coffee industry is to contain and control the Coffee Berry Borer, it’s an economic pest and it’s a high chance of reducing the production in PNG and the exports as well.”.

Loop Author