Education Minister warns schools

The Government is once again taking on the responsibility of paying all fees for students in schools across Papua New Guinea.

The Department of Education emphasizes that no school fees or project fees are to be charged by schools in the national education system in 2023.

Following the Education Minister’s policy statement made in Parliament regarding the government’s Tuition Fee Policy for 2023, Minister Jimmy Uguro held a press conference in Port Moresby to clarify the details on Thursday 19 January 2023.

Minister Uguro reiterated that NO school administration or governing board is to charge any fees or refuse any child from enrolling in school or attending classes for non-payment of any form of fees.

He adds that while every child has the right to education, parents are also encouraged to support with school boards and get involved in any self-sustaining activities to provide additional support to schools.

The Minister said any school board, teacher/principal that disobeys the direction of the education department will face disciplinary action.

Loop author